Hmmm, I guess I should return this magnifying glass I stole from Milton...nah, he'll never miss it!Stealing Time

damndest Stealing Time

Happy Friday!! Rick is on the case!!

I was going to make a pointed rant today about something really, really important to me. I had my bullet points and rationale all lined up, I just needed to get to a computer and get it all down. So I sat down and was distracted by work and when the time came for me to just let it all loose…I forgot. Not only did I forget my points and rationale, but exactly what it was to begin with. The disappointing thing was that I was REALLY worked up about it too! Hmmm. Maybe it will come back to me. Probably not.

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  1. tmcelmurry

    That’s right Rick, if the company doesn’t want you making all that over time they would have offered you Salary. It’s as if they want you steal their time.

    Now all you need is a tweed hat and a pipe and you’ll be ready to get some serious sleuthing done.

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