I thought I saw my dad in a pot of soup last year. Or should I call it a "pop of soup"? 'snort' What? No. Okay... I take it back.Rain Dance

In today’s comic, it’s obvious Rick misses his mother – but how much?

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  1. tmcelmurry

    Poor guy, I’m sure he misses his parents greatly. He was so young when they were “rubbed” out. At least Rick has always had Mindy and Marvin Manners to watch out for him.
    Man I’m afraid to click Submit Comment now cause I know it’ll be January before I do it again. Enjoy your time off man, and enjoy the family and holidays.

    • Ken Drab

      Haha – thanks Todd!!!

      I’ll be posting new things so keep an eye out!!

  2. Goeber.com

    memory is usefull if you have it. :)

  3. Crack You Whip

    Love your work! Had to catch up on it, but very funny!

  4. Tyler

    And I think finding a coat thin enough to fit me properly is hard…

  5. Mort J. Moose

    Personally I think it would be pretty cool to have a robot for a mom.

  6. Hapoppo

    This is false advertising! I’m TOTALLY not disappointed, Ken, you owe me a downer!

    Wait… what’s rick doing to that robot?

  7. emptyroomtales

    Hey, where are you? Big fan… but you seem to have disappeared :(

  8. antionestrife

    I like the way way you give more pazzaz to a stick figure. Also that is a nice looking door!

  9. Joseph

    His mama was a noodle. A Ramen noodle I had in college. Sorry :O(

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