I can't be blamed for not having parts that everyone else has. Has anyone wondered how it looks to me when they're picking their noses?Know the Nose

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Okay, I’m definitely thinking Rick’s not into the virtual dating thing – although he lets on to liking a little “me time” with the flip of a switch. Apparently he’s not good at actually flipping the switch!

I’m famous! Actually, I’m not, but I was interviewed for by Kurt from TGT Webcomics while @ C2E2. If you’ve ever wondered how I squirm on video – here it is!

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  1. tmcelmurry

    So would that just be hole picking versus nose picking for Rick? Well Molly’s getting what she asked for. At least when Rick was seeing her physically he would at least turn his back or go in the other room to dig for gold, but now Molly get’s a nice ring side seat.

    I wonder what Molly is doing on the other end. Is she working and talking to Rick via face time on her phone or is she simply sitting at home. Based off the video we’ve seen of her she’s not holding her phone to talk to him, so I’m suspecting some sort of webcam…which means Molly is suffering more distractions now than she did when they were seeing each other physically.

    I don’t think it’s a matter of Rick not being good at flipping the switch, I think it’s a matter of there’s something on Rick’s finger that makes slipping the switch a little harder than for most. Those nose goblins can really slick up a switch.

    The video interview looked great, it was a bit hard to hear in spots but over all it was really good.

    • Ken Drab

      lol @ hole picking! I think you’re right about Molly having facetime…

  2. Jeff Couturier

    Just wait until Rick takes the phone into the bathroom with him… Has Molly seen a trough urinal before?

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