Charity work? Who knew food was involved?Charity Clarity

damndest Charity Clarity

Good morning!

Looks like Rick is making himself right at home in Milton’s new apartment – and just when he’s about to gloat about not having to do charity work, Milton hits him with how you can be charitable without breaking your back. Rick has a hunger for that kind of knowledge…

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Rick the Stick is a funny online comic – word.

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  1. tmcelmurry

    Don’t tell Rick about Soup Kitchens, he’ll never leave. :)

    Man, to be a Stickman and be able to eat what ever you want…when ever you want. I envy you Rick the Stick…I envy you.

  2. LisaMc

    I really like the bits of food flying! Small detail but makes it funnier I think.

  3. heck yeah, man

    haha ok rofl today

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